How to Start

How to Get Started

1. Initial Forms – Complete the initial health history forms (or retest forms if you are doing a follow-up hair analysis). Click here for the initial health history forms or Click here for the retest forms. The form is a Word Doc and can be filled out on your computer, saved, and emailed to us at

2. Contact Us & Make Payment – Please email us to let us know that you would like to do a hair test and we will send you an invoice. If you would prefer to pay by cheque, please email us for our mailing address.

3. Send In Your Hair Sample – Once your payment is received, we will email you the forms and instructions you need to send your hair sample directly to the lab. Hair sampling instructions will be included in the email we send you but can also be found here in PDF

4. Get Your Results – It will take approximately 2.5 weeks to get your hair mineral analysis results back from the lab at which time we will contact you to set up a phone/Skype conference to review your results and program recommendations in detail.

Fee Schedule

Initial Hair Mineral Analysis for Adult
(with consultation) $250.00

Initial Hair Mineral Analysis for Child (age 0- 16 years)
(with consultation)  $160.00

Hair Mineral Analysis Retest & Program Update
(with consultation) $160.00

Pet Hair Mineral Analysis $110.00 

* Fees for hair mineral analysis include a detailed review of your results and program recommendations via phone or Skype. We also personally review all test results with Dr Wilson.

Additional Program Support
(in-office, email, phone, Skype): $90.00/hour (If less than an hour is used, time is prorated based on hourly rate.)

Food Intolerance testing
(in-office only using kinesiology/muscle testing) $150.00

*Group/family discounts are available, please email for details.


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