Dr. Paul Eck

Dr. Paul Eck (1925-1996) was a U.S.-based physician, researcher, and clinician. Mineral-Nutritional Balancing is his brainchild.

A Mineral-Nutritional Balancing program (always personalized) is based on the results gained from Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (always precise).

Dr. Eck didn’t invent Hair Analysis, but he did apply it in a way that no one else was. Others saw it mainly as a way to detect toxic metals. He added to this by applying all his knowledge of:
◾️ General Adaptation Syndrome (Hans Selye, MD)
◾️ Metabolic Typing (George Watson, PhD)
◾️ Autonomic Nervous System Balancing (Melvin Page, DDS)
and more.

Dr. Eck recognized how Hair Analysis could be used to understand the way that relationships between minerals and other nutrients in the body determine someone’s energy level.

Given that Dr. Eck viewed health as an expression of energy and vitality, he was motivated to find ways to bring these relationships into balance.

Dr. Eck founded Analytical Research Labs (Phoenix, Arizona) where hair analysis is done, and Endo-met Laboratories (also in Phoenix) where the supplements are produced. 

Stop chasing symptoms. Get to the root cause and allow your body to heal itself!

Start living the Nutritional Balancing Lifestyle today.

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