Dr. P. Eck


Dr. Paul Eck was a physician and brilliant researcher and clinician who lived in Phoenix, Arizona most of his life. Dr. Eck was primarily a clinician and is the founder of Analytical Research Laboratories in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 

Dr. Eck stumbled upon  the new assessment method of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis in the early 1970’s and, where others saw it mainly as a way to detect toxic metals, Dr. Eck applied to this finding all of his knowledge of The Stress Theory of Disease (Hans Selye, MD), Metabolic Typing (George Watson, PhD), Autonomic Nervous System Balancing (Melvin Page, DDS), and more. Form there he developed Nutritional Balancing Science, also called “The Science of Human Energy”, a new system of healing specifically for the needs of the 21st century and a way of balancing the body allowing it to heal itself.


Stop chasing symptoms, get to the root cause and allow your body to heal itself!

Start living the Nutritional Balancing Lifestyle today.

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