Nutritional Balancing

by Lawrence Wilson, MD
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Nutritional balancing is a sophisticated, integrated system for healing the body at a very deep level. It uses older principles of yin and yang, traditional naturopathy, and the use of specific foods and nutrients to in-crease the vitality level of the body. It also employs modern theories such as the stress theory of disease, metabolic typing, cybernetics, holography, fractal mathematics, chaos theory, biological transmutation of the elements, and other physics and engineering concepts. These are combined with up-to-date Western medical physiology and biochemistry.

It usually does not involve the use of remedies. In this way, it differs from most modern naturopathy, homeopathy, conventional medicine, and nutritional therapies. Remedies are simply not needed in most cases if one balances the body properly.

Diet and lifestyle-based. The core of the system depends upon a proper diet and lifestyle. About eight rather simple nutritional supplements to supply basic nutrients. Choosing the supplements and dosing them is done using a special method of interpreting a hair tissue mineral analysis. The hair must not be washed at the laboratory and it must be interpreted according to stress theory and cybernetic methods, not others.

Detoxification procedures. Nutritional balancing also includes a recommendation to use a near infrared light sauna, but not others, on a daily basis, along with daily coffee enemas. These are extra detoxification methods that are not always necessary, but are extremely helpful and even essential for some clients.

Use of hair mineral testing. The success of the method depends on the use of a tissue biopsy. Any tissue could be use, and hair is simple and painless for sampling.
I have not found blood, urine or other medical or holistic testing methods nearly as good as a properly performed and correctly interpreted hair mineral test. The hair must not be washed at the laboratory for the most accurate results. Most labs, sadly, wash the hair, which skews the results badly.
The hair test is repeated every 3 to 6 months or so to monitor progress, and to change the nutritional balancing program to keep the body properly balanced as it heals.


Nutritional balancing science was developed by Dr. Paul C. Eck, during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Dr. Eck was a mineral researcher who spent his entire adult life developing the ideas and practical application of this science.
He drew upon the work of many innovative doctors and scientists of the twentieth century, including Hans Selye, MD (the stresss theory of disease), Melvin Page, DDS (autonomic nervous system balancing), and George Wat-son, PhD (originated the oxidation types). He synthesized a new system of healing specifically for the needs of the 21st century. I was blessed to have spent 14 years as his apprentice and assistant.

Dr. Paul Eck passed on in 1996. I have continued and expanded his work, doing my best to hold fast to his principles. Others have also continued his work, but most have modified his principles and I have found their work much less effective.
Today (2011), Dr. Eck’s children maintain Analytical Research Laboratories and Endomet Laboratories, which Dr. Eck founded. However, the lab has not updated the computerized recommendations enough to suit me, so I cannot recommend their computerized dietary and supplement programs, although they are still better than almost all holistic and medical approaches to healing that I have encountered in 30 years of practice.

All information in this article is for educational purposes only. It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

Stop chasing symptoms. Get to the root cause and allow your body to heal itself!

Start living the Nutritional Balancing Lifestyle today.

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