Nutritional Balancing & Why I Recommend It

by Lawrence Wilson, MD
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I have studied many nutritional approaches to healing. While all have some merit, I continue to use and recommend nutritional balancing science for the following reasons:


This should always be the first on the list of qualities for evaluating a healing modality. Nutritional balancing is much safer than most drug medical care, or many holistic and nutritional methods because:

a) The Products Used Are Safe. These include selected vitamins, minerals, amino acids, digestive aids and few others. I do NOT recommend bioidentical hormones of any kind, chelation therapy of any type, drugs of any kind except in rare cases, and we are extremely careful about possible problems with most herbs. For example, I find that all Chinese and Ayurvedic or East Indian herbal products, no matter how good the quality, contain too many toxic metals. The same is true of many American and European herbs, no matter what is the brand or source.

b) Balancing The Body Is Safer Than Using Symptomatic Remedies. Nutritional balancing is far safer than most symptomatic approaches, for example, in my experience. Balance is a key to our health, and balancing the oxidation rate and the major mineral ratios, along with balancing yin and yang forces in the body, seems to prevent many problems that arise with all kinds of healing methods, both medical and holistic or natural ones.

c) Toxic Metals Are Not Forced Out Of The Body With Chelators. This may seem odd to say. However, most chelation products, including oral, intravenous and even rectal suppositories, force the metals out of storage sites in an order that is not the body’s natural sequence or order. This occasionally causes difficulties with these therapies.
Nutritional balancing works at the body’s pace, which may not satisfy some clients, but is much safer in our experience. Nutritional balancing also avoids the use of all chelators for other reasons. The main one is that they all, even the natural ones, remove some vital or essential minerals along with the toxic ones. This can be disastrous in a few cases, so we avoid it and we don’t need them at all.

d) Nutrients Are Not Forced Into The body using intravenous or intramuscular nutrient therapy. Oral feeding of vitamins, minerals and other substances may be slower at times, but it is gentler and usually works excellently without the need for IV or IM therapy. There may be times when IV vitamins are helpful, but we don’t seem to need them with nutritional balancing.

e) Megadoses Of Vitamins Or Other Substances Are Not Used. Many systems of healing use larger doses of nutrients, herbs and other products. Lower doses tend to be much safer.
An exception is that when a four low pattern is present on a hair mineral analysis, higher doses of calcium, magnesium, zinc and taurine seem to be absolutely needed to reverse this condition.

f) Nutritional Balancing, In Most Cases, Can Reduce Toxic Levels Far Below That Possible With Other Healing Methods, Including Intravenous And Oral Chelation. This occurs because balancing the body chemistry powerfully assists the body to remove toxic metals and chemicals in over 15 different ways without needing chelating drugs or even natural chelating methods used widely by others such as cilantro and chlorella extracts, zeolite, herbs, clay baths and other methods. Reducing the levels of toxic metals very low is extremely helpful for health and safer, as well.

g) Monitoring With Repeated Hair Tissue Mineral Analyses Adds A Great Measure Of Safety. When performed and interpreted correctly, this test can alert the practitioner to 1) a change in the oxidation rate, 2) a toxic elimination in progress, 3) a change in the stress level that needs attention. In addition, it can help 4) anticipate toxic eliminations and other changes in order to prepare the client, and 5) comparison testing helps assure compliance and understanding by the client of the process that is involved.
Trends or tendencies for 50 or so conditions can also be monitored easily, inexpensively and usually without the need for other costly and perhaps invasive tests or procedures. Without such a tool, monitoring is far more difficult and the possibility of harm is greater.

h) No toxic herbs or other drugs are needed. Medical drugs are not used in nutritional balancing science, as a general rule, although there are some exceptions. For example, anti-hypertensive medication may be needed for a while until body chemistry has been restored and strengthened. Most people do not realize that many herbs are also slightly toxic, especially the Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs today, and they can lead to more liver toxicity. Most herbs are also very yin in Chinese medical terms. Very few herbs are needed with nutritional balancing science.

i) No bio-identical or other hormone therapies are used or needed. The only exceptions are if a gland has been removed surgically or otherwise destroyed, then hormone replacement may be needed.


I prefer nutritional balancing because it is highly predictive and preventive. Every healing method should include prevention and the ability to predict future problems. Nutritional Balancing is excellent for both of these, especially prevention. With it, one can identify trends or mineral imbalances associated with 50 or even more physical and mental health conditions. One can then correct many before they even cause symptoms.
For example, these include identifying toxic metals, toxic chemicals in some cases, infections with bacteria, viruses and parasites, and tendencies for degenerative diseases such as cancer. This can be done early, while the pathologies are often still hidden from standard diagnostic tests.
Prevention of most serious health conditions. Many screening tests and other methods can detect a few serious conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or cancer. Nutritional balancing helps to detect and correct early cases of most all disease in the human body.
Correction of many latent or subclinical conditions. This is the ability of a nutritional balancing program to actually heal health conditions that have not yet caused obvious measurable signs or symptoms. This is a type of prevention that is subtle, and most wonderful.


While many healers claim their method is holistic, few, in fact, are truly so. This is because a holistic system must incorporate lifestyle, nutrition, structural correction, colon cleansing, the body/mind connection and advanced spiritual development. These are all components of nutritional balancing science as I suggest it be practiced.
By comparison, medical therapies and almost all holistic, alternative, complimentary and naturopathic therapy, is not as holistic, in fact, no matter how it is promoted. Nor is the use of advanced healing machines, for example.


Another reason I am continually impressed with nutritional balancing is its application in cases of mental and emotional health conditions. This is an enormous area of concern today, and most other therapies deal with it poorly, if at all. It includes, but is not limited to developmental difficulties in children, depression, ADHD, autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, panic attacks and much more.
Drug and many holistic approaches to mental illness and developmental delays are too often quite symptomatic and do not address the removal of toxic metals and toxic chemicals, for example. Suppressing the problems with drugs can be disastrous. Nutritional balancing directly addresses causes of mental illness. These include, but are not limited to an unbalanced oxidation rate, nutritional deficiencies, blood sugar imbalances and excessive toxic metals and chemicals present in the nervous system and brain.
Another benefit of nutritional balancing is that correcting the nutritional imbalances will often assist the client develop his personality, improve school and work performance and much more. In other words, opening up the mind to help with this method affects every area of life, literally. The brain and nervous system function better, enhancing every other approach for healing and for enhancing one’s life.


While this may seem unusual to mention as a benefit, there is much wisdom in the ancient therapies of the orient such as traditional Chinese healing with acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu, tai chi chuan, yoga and others. However, integrating them with Western medical sciences and “updating them” to deal with modern mankind’s particular issues today is difficult in most cases.
Nutritional balancing is actually a blend of Western scientific methods with Eastern wisdom, such as balancing the body and assessing yin and yang. Other Eastern concepts that are vital in nutritional balancing include metabolic typing, the concept of vital force or energetic balancing, the concept of retracing or healing crises, the concept of holism or totality, and more.
In this way, nutritional balancing using hair mineral analysis is a bridge between the most modern biochemical theories of health and disease such as the stress theory and modern physiology, with ancient wisdom applied to the human and animal body, mind and spirit. It is a blend that works well, and that is the most important aspect of it.


Seventeen or so methods are used at the same time in all cases to enhance the process of removing all toxic material from the body. Other therapies to remove toxins, such as intravenous chelation, may act faster, but not as deeply as nutritional balancing, and it cannot remove nearly as many toxic metals and toxic chemicals. It is also not as safe.


All healing methods have their strong points and those it is not equipped to handle. A particular strong point of nutritional balancing science as I offer it is its ability to identify and correct a difficult condition the four low pattern.
Doctors with a lot of experience know that there is a group of patients for whom progress in healing is most difficult. They do not respond as do the others. Dr. Paul Eck realized this and developed not only a way to identify these people using hair analysis. He also developed a protocol to counteract the pattern that works most of the time.
The main symptoms are often fatigue and allergies, in many cases. The person often has a negative view about life, and yet is a hard-working, hard-driving individual in most cases. With nutritional balancing science, one can recognize the pattern instantly and take corrective action that saves many lives.


Nutritional balancing is one of the few medical sciences I have found that reliably and easily causes a type of mental or spiritual development. This is an amazing benefit that extends life and enhances healing greatly. It is a very precise process in which many glial cells of the brain eventually die off and are replaced by neurons that enhance the brain capacity or thinking capacity of the person. In addition, the thymus gland regenerates, and eventually also the Peyer’s patches can regenerate.
Other words for this process might include “personality integration”, “achieving one’s total potential” and “self-actualization”. Other people may refer to it as developing the chakras or the aura. Development is nothing less than the total unfolding of the human being at all levels of development.
While this was not Dr. Eck’s original intent when he developed nutritional balancing science, it is nevertheless the case. I have added a stricter diet based somewhat on macrobiotic principles, stricter drinking water requirements, and the use of near infrared sauna therapy, coffee enemas and the Roy Masters meditation. Also, eating certain foods seem to have an important effect such as eating organic blue corn tortillas or chips, sardines, kelp, and lamb to hurry along this process.
These factors combine with Dr. Eck’s original nutritional program to enhance mental development. The ability to develop the mind, and not just heal the body, may be considered the crowning achievement of nutritional balancing science that is not offered by most other healing methods today.
Nutritional balancing can allow modern and sickly mankind to “catch up”, so to speak, with the ancient and aboriginal people whose bodies were in far better shape due to better food, less ionizing radiation and much less toxic metal, toxic chemical and electromagnetic contamination.


The programs that I offer are continually updated and improved. This is important because our world is polluted and getting worse each day. Only through continual research can the new challenges of the twenty-first century be addressed in the best way possible.


This is an esoteric concept, but quite important. Our bodies have a set of energy channels that are different from acupuncture meridians. They run vertically from head to feet. Opening these channels and keeping them open allows much more subtle energy or chi to flow through the body, encouraging and allowing deep healing. Nutritional balancing is one of the few methods specifically aimed at opening the body’s energy channels.


Most systems of healing, including Western allopathic medicine, limit the modalities used or permitted. This is not the case with nutritional balancing, which uses diet, lifestyle, supplements and herbs, hydrotherapy, meditation, structural work and much more. I wish these methods were not all needed, but with modern health problems, they are needed in some cases.
As important as being inclusive, nutritional balancing is extremely careful and discerning about which modalities to use, when to use them, and how to use them in an integrated fashion to produce health. Too often, doctors mix and match healing modalities in such a way that they negate some of their benefits. With nutritional balancing, an effort is made to make sure that only therapies that blend well are used together, and used properly.


Pleomorphic (meaning many forms) refers to the idea that cells and organisms can change forms depending upon the terrain or environment in which they find themselves. This principle is used extensively in nutritional balancing as a way to fight infections, reduce the amount of parasites in the body, and in other areas as well. It is a fascinating concept and one that works very well, when approached correctly.


While this is more esoteric, a section of this website is devoted to learning about loving relationships because they carry a certain healing power. This is not included in most healing work, but it is an additional method of healing that can make the difference in some cases.


A critical component of all nutritional balancing programs is to move energy downward from the head to the feet. Methods used to do this include the diet, the supplement program, the lifestyle, coffee enemas and most of all, the Roy Masters mental exercise with my modification of it.
The concept of a polarized body with the head more positive and the feet more negative is quite powerful for healing, and this is emphasized in nutritional balancing science.


1. Reasonable cost. This applies to both the hair test and the cost of the program such as the diet, supplements, lifestyle changes and other procedures. Although cost should never be a primary consideration in healing, it is an important practical reason to prefer this method of healing over some others.

2. Sampling, handling, and transporting the hair biopsy samples is easy, safe, and non-invasive. In fact, I believe that one reason for the lack of acceptance of hair mineral testing is that sampling is so simple, as are preserving and transporting the samples. Doctors cannot quite believe the possibility of such as simple method, as they are far more used to all the difficulties with blood, urine, saliva and other standard medical sampling methods.
This is a sad reason hair mineral analysis, a true cellular biopsy, has not caught on faster in America or around the world.

3. Assessment with the hair mineral biopsy is mathematically precise, objective and easily repeatable. This may not seem important, but is a primary benefit of this approach. Many holistic methods, in particular, are quite vague, subjective or imprecise. Many are also hard to learn, requiring years of education such as acupuncture diagnosis and classical homeopathy.
Nutritional balancing assessment leaves little room for doubts, as it measures minerals to extreme degrees of accuracy in parts per million or even parts per billion. One can then calculate the levels, ratios and patterns with great precision. Even many blood, urine, hormone and other standard medical assays are far less accurate, in spite of what is sometimes said about hair mineral testing.

4. A graphic display of test results. This is somewhat less important. However, Dr. Paul Eck’s sincere desire to share his wisdom caused him to design a graph of the results of the test that is easy for anyone to see and interpret, which is helpful. It makes learning, appreciating and sharing the results of the analysis with clients easier and more enjoyable.

5. A stand-alone system. By this I mean that nutritional balancing is fairly self-sufficient. It does not require a lot of confirmatory medical or nutritional tests or procedures such as x-rays, blood tests, urine tests, physical exams or others. This is an excellent practical advantage to save time and money that I hard to believe when I began doing nutritional balancing. However, it is true.
In contrast, many medical and holistic physicians and others require many different types of testing to confirm and rule out various conditions or diseases. Some years ago, I visited a well-known holistic physician. Before I even saw the doctor, I was told to obtain over $1000.00 of blood and other tests.

Oddly, this is a reason I believe hair analysis and nutritional balancing are not more accepted. The idea that a single, inexpensive test can guide the correction of health is just rather foreign. When a doctor criticizes this approach, I answer by saying that the difference is the hair analysis is being used to assess the stress response, not to confirm or rule out various diseases. As correction of the stress response proceeds, symptoms go away on their own. So it is a completely different system of healing than the diagnose-and-treat model used by medical doctors and by most naturopaths and other holistic practitioners as well.

This may seem a bit complex, but it is at the heart of the difference between nutritional balancing and the more conventional diagnose-and-treat approach to health care.

Another curious way that nutritional balancing is sufficient unto itself is it does not require a physical examination most of the time. Once again, this was upsetting to me, at first, having been trained medically. While I strongly urge doctors to always do a careful history and physical examination, if possible, I find myself telling most clients that a personal visit for a physical exam is not needed, especially if it means a lot of travel and expense.

Once again, the reason is that most physical examinations do not reveal the deepest information about the client’s present stress response. Therefore, while the information gleaned may be vital, such as one’s blood pressure, for example, most of it is not deep enough to begin correction, and the hair analysis will provide what is needed.

6. The ease of monitoring progress in most cases with retests. Monitoring progress is essential for any healing program because symptom relief can be very deceptive. One may feel better, but really one’s health is getting worse. Also, one may feel worse in some ways, but in fact healing is taking place at deep levels and the symptom changes are not a good indicator.
I know of no other system of healing that offers so much monitoring information that is so accurate in most cases, an obtained so easily and quickly.

All information in this article is for educational purposes only. It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.

Stop chasing symptoms. Get to the root cause and allow your body to heal itself!

Start living the Nutritional Balancing Lifestyle today.

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