By Lawrence Wilson, MD

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Meditation is a very commonly used word. It generally refers to some type of prayer, or a method of calming or stilling the mind. The word sometimes has a religious connotation, but not necessarily. However, in this article and in all articles on this website, the word meditation refers only to one particular mental exercise. This is very important to understand. It is a wonderful and powerful way to train the mind, relax the mind, and move a powerful healing energy downward through the body.
In fact, using this exercise is the only way to move enough energy through the body as you age to cause significant regeneration of the body. The other aspects of nutritional balancing science and other healing methods will help everyone to some degree, but this is the most powerful and the most essential aspect of rejuvenation of the body and brain.
The Roy Masters mental exercise, with my modification, is the most powerful and advanced part of every nutritional balancing program. My mentor, Dr. Paul Eck, did not include it in his original nutritional balancing programs. However, he was very aware of Mr. Masters and had great respect for his work. I include this exercise because I saw very early on how it fits in perfectly with the principles and application of nutritional balancing science. It is simple, very safe (unlike most other meditative exercises), and totally healing when done properly.
Other meditations are not recommended. I know this sounds very arrogant and harsh, but there is a reason for it. I am familiar with many others, and they are all effective for various purposes. However, only the Roy Masters exercise achieves certain purposes that are discussed below. Others, in fact, are not often safe, nor are they as effective for deep healing, no matter what other effects they have.
These include transcendental meditation, Vipassana, Zen, and most others. Some of these others are fine for certain purposes, but they do not accomplish the same thing as the Roy Masters exercise, especially with the modifications I suggest.


The word dantien means an energy center in the Chinese language. The existence of three energy centers in the human body and animal bodies is known in T'ai chi and chi kung (and Christianity, but not in the regular bible). You can look it up on the internet or in books if this seems unusual. The three centers are as follows:
1. The upper dantien corresponds to the mind, and to the Father energy in Christian thought. It is located somewhere in the head, and is usually pictured as being located between the eyebrows, more or less. However, it is a large center that fills the entire head, more or less.
2. The middle dantien corresponds to the breath or to the heart, and to the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost in Christian thought. It is found in the area of the chest, slightly below the nipple area, although it, too, is large and fills the entire chest area.
3. The lower dantien corresponds to the body, and to the Son energy in Christian thought. It is found below the navel, about halfway between the navel and the pubic bone along the midline of the body. However, it is very large and fills up the entire space from above the navel to below the public bone and below the perineum.
Different from the seven centers. These three energy centers are totally different from the seven or fourteen energy centers of Indian and Chinese medicine, called the chakras in the Sanskrit language of India. This is important to know or you will become confused. The three centers, as they are called in Taoist literature, are more basic and a simpler system to learn.
Importance of the three centers (or dantiens in Chinese). The great importance is that one must develop these centers to have long life and excellent health. They are also much easier to develop if one follows a complete nutritional balancing program, but this is not enough. Other aspects of a nutritional balancing program that help develop them a lot include:
1. The daily near infrared lamp sauna or red heat lamp sessions. The lamp must be used for at least one hour daily on the lower abdomen, or the sauna must be used for at least 20 minutes daily and preferably an hour or more total exposure each day.
2. The daily coffee enemas. One needs at least one daily and up to four daily, if desired, but not more at this time as it is too much coffee, which is slightly toxic in these large amounts.
3. The daily diet of mainly cooked, not raw vegetables. This also seems to be very critical to develop the three dantiens at this time in history.


Several articles on the internet claim that Roy Masters, and his Foundation Of Human Understanding, is basically a cult. I would disagree completely! He has no organization to join. There is no Roy church or members or group, although you can donate to his foundation if you like his teachings. I've never heard him claim he is like Jesus, or anything of that nature.
Mr. Masters is a teacher, and any teaching can be misinterpreted and misused. His is no exception. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIKE ROY MASTERS TO USE THE EXERCISE EFFECTIVELY. Similarly, you don't need to like cooked vegetables, coffee enemas or saunas to gain the benefits from them.
The meditation observation exercise, as Mr. Masters calls it, stands on its own. He takes no credit for it, and says he did it spontaneously as a child. With my modification of it, described below, it is even more powerful in its effects. It brings up one's emotional and mental issues in a peaceful, but direct way, so some people don't like it. However, it works beautifully and scientifically.


I will describe this in writing. However, most people find it far easier to learn it while listening to a description of how to do it. An audio version is available at no charge on this website by clicking on the links at the beginning of this article. You may download the exercise from these links.
The Basic Procedure: Sit in a straight backed chair, with your arms hanging loosely at your side. A variation is to lie down and place your hands at your sides. Close your eyes.
Become aware of your right hand. Just notice it. Do not concentrate on it or visualize it, exactly. Just be aware of it and notice it. Do not force anything to happen.
It is often easier to be aware of one finger at a time rather than the whole hand at once. Move your awareness from finger to finger, but do not move your awareness to the rest of your body. Keep your awareness on your hand. It should start to tingle a little bit.
At the same time, look through the middle of your forehead, as though you were sitting inside your head and looking out. It should feel like you are sitting inside a cave with nothing much to look at, so you just look straight ahead. Do not roll your eyes up in your head or do anything else. Just look out of your head through the middle of your forehead.
Modifying the Roy Masters exercise. For a more powerful effect, do the following: Move energy downward through the head and the body, into the right hand. When this feels comfortable, move the energy downward forcefully from the top of the head all the way down into the toes. Do this continuously and very forcefully.
Never, ever move the energy sideways, and the worst thing to do is to move it upwards. Never move energy in any direction except straight downwards for maximum effect and safety.
Relax the body. In order to do this, one must relax the body a lot, more and more, so that more energy will move through it. Also, one must relax the muscles a lot so that the energy will flow. Also, the back must be straight. You may lie down, sit or even stand up (not recommended), but the spine must be straight in order for the energy to move easily through the body.
Also, the legs must be either bent at the knee as in a sitting position, or straight down, as when lying down or standing up walking, for example.
Allow and assist energy to flow into the top of the head and down the body to the right hand. Encourage this energy to flow by drawing it down into the body. Slowly this flow and the tingling of the right hand will increase. Eventually, you will allow and move the energy down from the head into both hands and then into the feet as well. Both hands and both feet will tingle a little bit letting you know that you are doing it right.
To enhance the exercise, empty the body and mind and imagine the energy flowing into the void or emptiness of the body. You can imagine a giant vacuum cleaner or force pulling the energy down from the top of the head and into the right hand and down to the feet. You can also imagine standing under a giant shower or waterfall with the energy cascading down into the body and down the front of the body. You can also visualize lying down in a river, with the water flowing forcefully from your head to your feet, while your feet are braced against a rock so that you are not swept away by the current.
These visualizations can definitely help a process that is real, namely, bringing a certain energy down from the head to the feet as forcefully as you can.

All information in this article is for educational purposes only. It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.