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Thank you for visiting Nutritional Balancing Lifestyle. Susan Cachay is a Nutritionist and Counselor who is excited to support you on your healing journey with the most comprehensive healing program available, Nutritional Balancing.  


Susan Cachay BEd, MC, RNCP, Nutritionist and Counselor

This program begins with a Hair Mineral Analysis and ends with improved health through the power of the Nutritional Balancing Lifestyle Program. Our Nutritional Balancing Lifestyle Program is less concerned with specific conditions and more emphasis is placed on how the body functions as a whole system. Once balanced, many other problems improve as the body heals itself.
Nutritional Balancing Science was developed by Dr. Paul Eck and further developed by Lawrence Wilson, MD. Susan Cachay trained directly under Dr. Wilson and is currently one of his instructors, teaching this science to other nutritionists and practitioners.
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* The Hair Mineral Analysis (HTMA) and the Nutritional Balancing Lifestyle Program can be done by distance via email, mail, and phone/skype.